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    Welcome to my professional e-portfolio highlighting what I am going to learn with the Joint PhD in GIS application in Tourism at University of Malaga . I am finding the e-portfolio task very useful. Here, I will display the focus of my project and all other related material. This page will be considered an ongoing process for the semester of 2015 - 2016.

     My study visit to University of Malaga was supported by the Erasmus Mundus project "gSmart - Spatial ICT infrastructures for Smart Places". The 'gSmart' initiative offers mobility scholarships for Central Asian and European students, faculty and administrators until 2017.
      Currently I am PhD student at Tajik State University of Commerce located in Tajikistan where I am studying tourism development. I have a strong interest in application of GIS (geographical information system) in  sustainable planing management tourism in Tajikistan. I believe that the gSmart is best opportunity for me as gSmart project is aiming at improving the management of societies, economies and environments through modern geospatial methods and techniques. 

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